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Visual Aid for Sewing the Sophie Blouse

Step by Step:

Step 1. Fish Eye Darts. “Dart dots” are approximately 1/8″ inside stitch line.
Step 1. Back Shoulder Dart. Begin sewing at notches and sew past dart apex 1/8″.
Step 2. Stitch sew-in interfacing to wrong side of Center Front 1/4″ from edge.
Step 3. Stitch Front & Back pieces together at shoulder seam, right sides facing.
Step 4. Serge Shoulder Seams together.
Step 4. Welt Seaming of Shoulder Seam unto Back Bodice.
Step 5. Serge Side Seams Separately.
Step 6. Stitch Side Seams 3/8″. *Leave side slit open-backstitch 4″ up from hem.
Step 7a. Press Center Front in 3/8″ to wrong side.
7b. Press raw edge of hem 1/4″ to wrong side.
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