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Picking the Right Fabric Can Be Hard

Even us professional dressmakers/designers have a hard time picking the right fabric for an idea or project. Sometimes a fabric is inspirational but doesn’t deliver the way we imagine. But when the right fabric and the right design align it’s magical. The nice thing about donna and toots is that we have our hands, scissors and sewing machines constantly going. We can’t say we have made something out of all the fabrics found in our shop but we can boast that we have worked with a majority of them and the clothing racks, display items and accessories for sale prove that claim. We will steer you away from the “challenging”ones if you are looking for a ‘simple to work with fabric’ and we will be sure to direct you to our favorites, and yes we have opinions!

Sewing use to be a cost benefit skill-saving money by making your own clothes and home items. But things have changed, it’s not as cheap as it use to be!  Sewing is now a skill to create something all your own, of quality that is now lacking in the stores. Because we have experience with most of the fabrics, we are able to offer advice and maybe tricks to achieve the success that you desire. Drop in and pick our brains, ask advice, just chat…..we love it all!

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