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Snap & Mini Snap: Steps Illustrated

Snappy wallets are fun and easy to make. If you need a little bit of help in the process of constructing your wallets here are a couple of visuals to help along the way! If you have purchased my wallet pattern, I have labelled the pictures with their corresponding step number. Enjoy!

Select an outer and inner fabric. I Love Cottons, especially Japanese prints!  I prefer a light colored lining so I can see what’s in my wallet, with a dark lining it just seems harder to find things.
Step 1…….    Step 2…..    Step 4……..

Now Stitch…..
Step 6……             Step 7……


Now Turn it Right Side Out……

Step 8……

Step 9……



   Step 10…..


Step 11……….


Step 12….

Step 13……   

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Open Sew Sunday, We Came, We Stitched, We Raised Money

 The beauty of being a small business is creating connections and nurturing community. For the past eight years donna & toots has had the luxury of teaching classes, hosting Friday Night Craft nights and Open Sew Sundays at our SE Division Street location. It’s impossible not to form  friendships and become emotionally invested in the “regulars” who walk through the front door and join the fun. As the owner of donna & toots, I am left humbled by the kindness and support of our clients. And every once and awhile my business has an opportunity to combine the efforts of our sewing community for something good.

This past Open Sew Sunday, Oct. 14, 2018, d & t’s community came together and raised funds for a fundraiser via GoFundMe.  The fundraiser was for one of our young clients that had an unexpected health crisis. But don’t worry, we don’t doubt her comeback and neither should you! However, we do recognize that along with the mental and physical strain, mounting medical bills and unexpected life expenses will present obstacles to her recovery.  We could not imagine not doing something for our sewing sister; to hopefully lessen the financial burden on her and her family.

Out of respect, I am not going into details as to the event or the young woman’s identity on this public blog post. (The people in d & t’s sewing community know who it is and the details).

Thank you, thank you, thank you to those of you who joined us and added your time and money to the cause.  Donna & toots truly does have some of the best clients in the world and I am grateful to call you my sewing tribe!

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Picking the Right Fabric Can Be Hard

Even us professional dressmakers/designers have a hard time picking the right fabric for an idea or project. Sometimes a fabric is inspirational but doesn’t deliver the way we imagine. But when the right fabric and the right design align it’s magical. The nice thing about donna and toots is that we have our hands, scissors and sewing machines constantly going. We can’t say we have made something out of all the fabrics found in our shop but we can boast that we have worked with a majority of them and the clothing racks, display items and accessories for sale prove that claim. We will steer you away from the “challenging”ones if you are looking for a ‘simple to work with fabric’ and we will be sure to direct you to our favorites, and yes we have opinions!

Sewing use to be a cost benefit skill-saving money by making your own clothes and home items. But things have changed, it’s not as cheap as it use to be!  Sewing is now a skill to create something all your own, of quality that is now lacking in the stores. Because we have experience with most of the fabrics, we are able to offer advice and maybe tricks to achieve the success that you desire. Drop in and pick our brains, ask advice, just chat…..we love it all!

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“What is This Place?”

Not a day goes by that someone doesn’t walk into our shop and ask, “What is this place?”  Those of us that work at the shop feel like it is so obvious…but then again when you are in a space day in and day out you forget to see things with new eyes. I think the shop is confusing because it’s not like most clothing stores/fabric shop/creative space. We make clothes right there on the premises-yep that’s us sewing that dress/blouse/skirt/knit top/wallet/bag/etc……And yes you can buy the fabric! And look at this blouse-this is out of the fabric you just pulled down from the shelf-inspiration, Baby! What, you say you need a class to learn how to sew or brush up on the skills, we got you covered with our classes.

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Oct.7th, 2018

Some days are harder than others

Not everyone is a web developer, not everyone strives to take over the world, but there are many of us that aspire to create beauty and connection. More recently than ever it seems that our world is lacking in this department. It is our goal at donna and toots to invite and inspire kindness and support others in their creative pursuits. Shop the racks, immerse in beautiful fabrics and learn a thing or two through our classes and Open Sews.