September 2021. It’s time to do something new, have weekends off and continue to grow. It’s time to close shop.

From Suzanne – A Note of Thanks:

I established donna & toots in 1999.  I admit that when I began my business I never had the expectation of doing it for over two decades.  It was created because I had a little bit of savings and could not find an apparel design job in Portland, OR. Truthfully, it was something to do till I found a “real job”.

The shop began downtown as a studio producing women’s clothing.  The shop and clothing line was named after my grandmother (Donna) and great aunt (Toots), two eccentrically fashioned ladies who indulged a young woman’s imagination. It eventually moved to NE Alberta and ten years after that landed on SE Division Street.  It blossomed from a business focused on manufacturing women’s apparel and accessories to offering custom design, Men’s and Women’s, to eventually selling fabric and offering sewing classes.

I did not do this all on my own. Along the way I have been blessed with employees that are hard workers, creative, talented and loyal to my brand and the mission of the shop. For the past 20+ years, never did a day go by that I didn’t recognize how lucky I am to do what I love with a staff that I admire.  I had the added bonus of working collaboratively with many talented artists of various mediums who have broaden my skill set and introduced me to so many creative outlets. But if it was not for my amazing customers, many local but some from afar, I would not have had the luxury to pursue my passion. The beautiful community that donna & toots was lucky enough to be surrounded by daily is mind blowing! So to all that have walked through my shop’s door, reached out through email and social media- Thank You from the bottom of my heart for supporting my business and dreams!